The Team

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Lars Sneftrup Pedersen


Andreas Knudsen


Ryan Akers

Sales Director Americas & Australia

Jens Ole Andersen

Sales Director Nordics & DACH

Jeff Jones

Sales Director EMEA

Senior Account Executives

Austin Akers

Americas & Australia

Sean Stephen Irwin

Americas & Australia

Luke Smith


Patrice Epangue


Jan Jensen


Camilla Blendvig


Dan Svensson

Sweden & Finland

Other Senior Staff

Lasse Hassing

Chief Technology Officer

Jakob Bjorn Sorensen

Compliance Officer

Steve Dodson

Cyber Security Analyst

Emma Carrington

Marketing Director

Peter Gorski

Head of Support

Jorn Larsen

Linux Lead Developer

Mudasir Syed

Sales Engineer

Sophie Alice Dodson

Technical Writer

Sofie Thorbjornsen

Merchandise Manager

Asbjorn Sorensen

ServiceNOW Specialst

Torben Andersen

Power BI Specialst

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Please fill in the contact form, if you need to reach out to management.